KTL and powder coating


The KTL process meets the highest quality standards for corrosion protection. Whether as a clear coat or as a primer for combining with a powder or wet paint coating.

Areas of application:

In the automobile supplier industry and in automobile construction the process fulfils major requirements for protection against rust penetration.
KTL coating is in demand due to its smooth and fine application.


The workpieces are manually placed on parts-specific product carriers and are pre-treated using an immersion process. The coating process also takes place using an immersion process, where the lead-free, cataphoretic electro-dip coating is deposited onto the part to be coated. Finally, the coating is cured in a hot-air oven. The KTL process is used in the automobile supplier industry, vehicle construction and the metal processing industry.

Degreasing, rinsing, pickling, activating and a zinc phosphate treatment using an immersion process.

Cataphoretic electro-dip coating, melting and curing of the coating in a hot-air oven at approx. 180 °C.

Special features:
Highest level of corrosion protection. An even, thin, flexible coating that penetrates very deep into any cavities. Coated threads retain their freedom of movement. High level of resistance to fuels, acids and alkalines. This process is also suitable for tubes and small parts.

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